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Installing MemCache

Download all src packages needed for the install.

We'll start with libevent because it is a dependency of memcached.

Install libevent

Take note of where libevent is installed.

libevent installation complete.

Next we'll install memcached.

How effective is this approach?

Memcached installation complete.

Now we'll install memcache

That's it. Your done installing.

Now we need to test it and see if it works.

Ok, so hopefully this worked.

If it did not...

Run the following command to see where memcached is looking for it's libs

Now we can assume that the file doesn't exist in that location

Done, now we need to test again.

This time is should have worked.

Startup script issues

==Edit /etc/rc.local with your editor or choice.

Now it will automatically start when you reboot your server.

Ok, now we need to add memcache to PHP as an extension.

Further Information

See OpenWetWare:Software/Performance/MemCache/MediaWiki