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Intro is developed on top of MediaWiki, the same software used by Wikipedia. These are notes on a few applications that allow remote access to MediaWiki. They may have relevance to OWW.


GSM Gateway Software

There's an interesting note referenced below that shows a few interesting approaches to allowing mobile access to MediaWiki via a combination of a GSM/WAP/SMS gateway and a server-based application.



There's already a free service provided by Florian Amrhein in Germany that allows for access to Wikipedia content via WAP.


You can access it via any web browser but you'll probably appreciate it a LOT more via mobile device:



This isn't the same as looking at Wikipedia on a tiny screen. Florian's software, per his website, is described below:

URL: Wapedia-Description

Having started in August 2004, Wapedia brings the contents of Wikipedia to mobile devices like mobile phones and PDAs. It offers the recent version of every article, which is done by using a combination of a proxy-like behavior and a local article database. This combination provides fast speed and up-to-date articles on the one hand, and a low load and low traffic for the Wikipedia servers on the other hand.