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This page is dedicated to discussion with a graphic artist Jen Cook-Chrysos about coming up with a new look (logo, color scheme, page layout, poster and business cards) for OpenWetWare. Jen is posting ideas here and any OpenWetWare user is welcome to give her feedback on this page. The more feedback, the better!


OWW Colors, Poster and Business Cards

Here's the latest round of stuff from Jen. Please post your comments.

the open plasmid logo that I attempted. Yours I really like because it is clean, simple, and the emblem is completely separable from the rest of the text without losing its meaning. This one does an excellent job in illustrating the message of "open community" with the palm facing up, giving the impression that we are "offering" to the community. The plasmid on the O, with the insertion portrays OPEN and is a great representation of biology. Possible ways to improve design: Darken (or change the color of) the plasmid in the O or the hand that holds it to bring more attention the two images, and make WETWARE darker so that focus on the text doesn't die out after we see the awesome emblem, while not taking away attention from the OPEN which tends to be washed out because it is completely white inside. I am excited that we are not using the original logo, as it did not successfully portray OWW as open-source-biology as this new design does. You've brought very memorable designs to the table. I like 'em! Plasmid 3 is my vote! --Jenny Nguyen

--What about this (see plasmid #3 again)--Jencc 20:48, 5 February 2006 (EST)

--Here is the green that has been requested. I chose the dark blue outline because I thought it did a better job of balancing the elements of the logo. In this one, I think WETWARE stands out too much. --Jencc 19:43, 7 February 2006 (EST) darker green

Great design Reshma! An addendum to this idea is to have a back that just has something like

[[DNA Ligation]] or [[Victor3 Plate Reader]] or [[Quantifying GFP Flourescence]] or [[Miller Assay]]

stuff like that.

also, definitely need glossy!!! --Sri Kosuri 12:18, 1 Dec 2005 (EST)


I have been spending a lot of effort coming up with a logo for OWW but have been unsuccessful because I am trying to convince people who have no idea what to expect, and I'm pulling ideas from a broad avenue. Let's make this easier and set a list of criteria to describe what we want, for example, color scheme, number of elements, traditional, contemporary, typographic, etc. These are factors that will help narrow our canvas space, and in turn help the graphic artist, or even myself design the desired logo.

Do we want our logo to be...

  1. Typographical: font speaks for itself? FedEx, Banana Republic, MIT, Dell, Google, ESPN, Nature, 3M
  2. Image: a picture speaks 1000 words? Apple, NCRR, Gateway, Firefox
  3. Text in shape? UPS, McGraw Hill Education, Business Week, ABC news, WIRED
  4. Image + Text? Codon Devices, UT, Continental Airlines, Discover Card, NBC
  5. Text in image? Boston Red Sox, Regency Cinemas, Starbucks Coffee, Burger King

Additionally, we should consider...

  1. Ease of duplication
  2. Memorable
  3. Recognizable
  4. How much color to use, etc.

So, these are some things that we should keep in mind and set so that we can move on with getting a logo! :) --JN 17:16, 13 January 2006 (CST)

--I really like the logo that you have on the site and on the business card idea above. The font suggests industry, which to me conveys the practical, "wet" hands-on side of biology while not actually picturing beakers or pipettes that might make some feel excluded, such as the bioinformatics people. The best thing about it is that it conveys the idea of "Open" just by leaving the side of the "N" open, and using the positive and negative space. It is a great font, and very clean. What I would like to do is create a smaller graphic, this time more pictorial, to go with it. This small graphic would be an emblem that could be used on each page of the site, and would convey the idea of an open biology community perhaps using some of the ideas below. The next thing to do would be to get the rest of the site and materials to follow this same style. I will work up some ideas and see what people think. --Jencc 11:30, 23 January 2006 (EST)

Some ideas

  1. A DNA double helix wrapped around the world.
  2. Stick people spelling out A T G C (like YMCA :) ).
  3. A double helix that opens up (unwound) in the center, encircling a globe. (or a bunch of people, like a hogtie!!)


Need information on DNA Ligation?
Ever wondered where you could keep your protocols?
Need a place to discuss scientific issues with a group of people?
Need an easy way to keep your website up-to-date?

(if questions, which is a good idea, then the questions themselves become really important. they must be catching, amusing, and relevant).